Friday, 1 February 2013

Marrying Books

Hi, I'm Ayu. And this is my blog. My other-blog, actually.

So, some of you might have known me from the other blog. And then, I made a new blog, this blog.

So here's the story. I decided to make a two blogs because I think that the other blog is so out-of-the-topic. It is supposed to be a medium to share stories and experiences, but then I realize that I'm so not into telling-and-publishing-experiences stuff, so I started to post my reviews there. I feel sorry for my old blog, back then. So in order to make the old blog works as it should be, by publishing my stories and experiences regularly--geez, I always am trying to post something in my old blog REGULARLY once a week, or twice a week--I made a new blog.

So yeah, I made a new blog, this blog, to post my reviews.

Let's just hope I'm not turning into a-one-sided blogger. Amen

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